Today is history.
Today there is a NetKernel™ book.

There will be many like it, probably better ones, but this one is first and this one is mine. You can check it out (and order it) on the
O'Reilly site. The American and European Amazon sites will follow suit in a couple of days.

However excited (or not) you may be about this, I do urge my fellow Europeans to wait for it to appear on European sites. Given the price you'll otherwise pay it three times over (transport and import taxes) ... and of course I'd rather have you buy three copies instead.

They (never found out who
they are) say that pride goes before fall and that they are proportional. I figure I'll end up close to the earth's core then.

Seriously, it is a beginner's book, written from the point of view of my own meanderings through ROC™ and NetKernel™. There's many things I would do/do differently today but at the time it made sense and it will make sense to you too.

Is this
first then the end of the free community version ? No ! In fact, now that it is published I'm able to do a - long overdue - refresh of the community version. And work towards a 2nd edition of course.

On this day of firsts, here is a screenshot of something I've been working on recently :
We need to have more fun with NetKernel™ and what better way to have fun than a game ? The first nkMUD (unless you beat me to the release of course ... challengers are always welcome) is in the pipeline, watch this space for updates !

Phew, it's hot here at the earth's core. Enjoy your week while I climb back up !