great minds do not think alike

A London (where I taught a NetKernel class @BSI  - British Standards Institute - last week) university has flyers with that slogan. And it - as you can see - took hold in my mind. I perceive it to be more true than it's often used counterpart, for if everybody threads the same paths of thought, no progress can be made.

So I had a bit of an uneasy moment when I received links to http://ifttt.com/wtf and http://durablescope.blogspot.be/2012/06/scratching-itch.html from two great minds within a timerange of 5 minutes.

For one is the more general case of the other. The first one was forwarded with the this would be easy to do in NetKernel, would it not intention, the second one is an answer to that ... yes it is.

It may be obvious from my surprise, but there was no communication on this topic between the two. Great minds may not think alike, but they surely think on the same topic.

You probably saw the following map already, it was rather hot when GM decided to pull it's FaceBook budget not too long ago :

Social media are hot and (in some form or another) there to stay. However, they are complex beyond belief (which was one of the reasons given to explain GM's move). We need social mashups. And NetKernel is indeed an excellent platform to build those. So what are you waiting for ?

That's it for today, next week we dive back into the more technical areas.