short and sweet

Sometimes you want to do some horrible things to another human being. It is true, it happens to the best of us. While I love the series on tic-tac-toe in the 1060 newsletter there was literally smoke escaping through my nostrils (and I don't smoke) when I read this was possible :

    <!-- provides res:/etc/ConfigRDBMS.xml -->
    <literal type="xml" uri="res:/etc/ConfigRDBMS.xml">

It was probably somewhere in a newsletter and I overlooked it. A new feature in one or another module that got mentioned in passing. It is so powerful it deserves another mention right here.

Until now, when I wanted to scaffold, I used filesets. They do the job, allow for some flexibility, blah blah and some more blah ...

Literals ROCk ! Especially in unittests for modules that require configuration to work they offer huge value for little work.

That is it for today, I'm quite sure the god-of-thunder will be having some interesting stuff to talk about in the 1060 newsletter so I'll leave the stage to him.

Before I forget ... happy anniversary 1060 Research !