Like you, I quite enjoy an article full of fun and science, but not having made it through university (not having started university in the first place), I do occasionally need - quite a bit - of help when reading the NetKernel newsletters.

Today's newsletter was no exception.

After dilligent study I came to the conclusion that this is what Peter (aka Thor) is talking about :

Every child in the civilized world knows what this is. Which does say something about our civilization, but there's other blogs debating those topics. For those just coming in from a 40 year stay in the desert (welcome, please do shake the sand of your boots first) ... this is the first screen of a game called Angry Birds.

Angry Birds was originally a showcase for the potential of HTML5. However, it also had quite a bit of potential itself, you can hardly pass a shop (any shop) these days without one of those ugly things staring back at you.

The game itself is all about releasing potential and more specifically the most points are being awarded for making the M.N.C. (minimal necessary change) to cause the M.D.R. (maximum desired response). Or otherwise put ... use as little energy as possible to release as much potential as possible.

And that is - also - what NetKernel is about.

Enjoy the weekend !

P.S. No, I have not forgotten about explaining what the CRUD server is about. Watch this space.
P.P.S. If you think I'm making the acronyms up as I go along, you should read The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov. Quite relevant.