It is fair to say I'm a fan of NetKernel. And I know quite a bit of the background of both the main protagonists. Today I'm therefore a very happy puppy, because over on his blog, Tony Butterfield is blowing the trumpet on his latest creation - ROC Hockey.

This game gives a new dimension to the classic game of Air Hockey. But that's not the important issue. The issue is that Tony has come full circle. Back when I was cutting my first IT-teeth on the MSX, Tony was already an accomplished game designer/developer/... (everybody did everything in those days, specialization is for insects).

Don't take my word for it, find an Memotech MTX emulator and find the rom for PotHole Pete. Unless you've recently finished Braid in one sitting (I don't think so dude or dudette, I don't think so), I guarantee you you're going have to put grinding on WoW (no, doesn't deserve a link) aside for quite a bit to finish it.

Modest as he is, Tony is downplaying what is out there, instead highlighting the weak points of the game mechanics. It's a British thing, forgive him. He's going to move this forward, it's going to be playable on Facebook ! And more importantly, it is going to be the first of many more and better ROC-based games to come. 

And let me tell you, you'll feel the adrenalin pumping when you've figured out the scoring system and you're catching up quickly and there's just one square left in the game and you're going to take that b*stard down ... down I said ... you hear me ...

Sorry, I got carried away a bit there. I'll let you go and check it out now. ROC Rules !