interesting times

If you're looking for the episode on logging, soon my friend, soon. 
If you've noticed my last post of 2012 was also titled interesting times, you are correct.

A year ago I promised Tony Butterfield that I would force a breakthrough for Resource Oriented Computing / NetKernel in 2013. With about eight hours left in 2013 here in Brussels, Belgium, I must admit defeat as far as that claim goes.

People that know me personally know that I do not take defeat - in any area - lightly or graciously. 

It has been a good year but not the exceptional year that I envisioned when I made that claim.

So, here are some of my ROC related targets for 2014 :
  • At least one ROC backed game playable in one of the mainstream social networks.
  • Positioning ROC as the best solution for Linked (Open) Data projects.
  • Positioning ROC as the green IT solution. With the point of no return for climate change set in 2015, computing must start contributing too.
  • A new book.
  • <any target you, my constant readers, care to set ?>
  • ...
Best wishes and see you in 2014 !